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Fascinating intellectual breakthroughs regarding reality, language, existence, knowledge, perception, or human behavior which are completely unprovable and utterly without use, and therefore of no real consequence to anyone. See also: philosophy

Etymology: the mental counterpart to masturbation; i.e. a process that is very pleasurable but hasn't accomplished anything at the end.
The Sapir-Whorf hypothesis states that language influences human thought, so that native speakers of different languages think about concepts in incommensurably distinct modes. Linguists and psychologists contend fiercely over the validity of this claim, oblivious to the fact that it is intellectual masturbation.
by loodog August 04, 2007
Every man's sacred and cherished duty to his significant other. Having a girlfriend/wife and not doing it for her is like having a Ferrari around you only politely drive in street traffic.
I gave my girlfriend cunnilingus, she was wriggling in ineffable pleasure, revealing her raw self to me, finally collapsing in cathartic paroxysm. It was the hottest moment.
by loodog February 21, 2007
verb: to distort the semantics of a situation for desired result
My girlfriend was pissed at me for cheating, but I Clintoned the argument. I mean, "cheating" could mean "not cheating".
by loodog January 15, 2008
The language one speaks when visiting Italy if one took Spanish in high school and never learned Italian.
American A: Dude, try out your Spantalian
American B: Scusi, um... donde esta el baño?
Italian: Il bagno? A sinistra e poi il primo a destra.

American: Una bierra por favor.
Italian: Prego.
by loodog July 12, 2009

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