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people that are gothic probably dont consider themselves gothic and u dont know what ur talking about gothic is a style and there are soo many styles but no1 thinks ther soo wierd but gothic is just so wierd to all off u you dont kno what ur talking about most of my friends are gothic and im not and ther really funny and they have alot of confidence and u dont know what ur talking about. preps arnt pionted out because they listen to jesse mcartny and pop they wear little sweaters and gansters listen to Jay-Z and wear rocawear and ecko no1 thinks there so wierd and not all gothics slit there wrist and say there life sucks some do because there dad abuses them or some thinggansters slit there wrist not as many because black is worn by people that are sad sometimes but not always and just because someone considers them selves gothic doesnt mean they are
#1 >omg that kid is like so like scary and like gothic like im getting kida like scared of like that thing on like his neck like lets like leave
#2 >like omg yeah like he might strt like killing him self lik in front of us like run away girlfreind
#1 >oooo my goddddddd hes like looking at me like do u think hes like setting a like crurse like against like us????
#2 >like duhhhh!!! of coarse he is like hes like gothic!! duhhh they do those like witchcraft thingy ma jigs!!!
#1 like o my god! ur write like run like faster...
by loo-loo mCdigle February 01, 2005

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