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Hebrew Meaning: Princess.
An amazing brunette with eyes you could stare into forever, self-conscious about her body and face and usally small boobs. She's beautiful; she just doesn't know it. Loves music & animals, not a hater!

An amazing personality, funny, hyper & a total sweetheart!
Gets upset easily but tries to hide it and generally falls for assholes.

Always got that beautiful smile that lights up the room plastered across her face & will do anything for her friends!
Trusts & loves easily, so don't take her for granted!

Usually tries to take the blame or pain for her friends.
Guy 1: Wow, that girl is so sweet! I don't know how shes single. I wonder what her name is.
Guy 2: Don't trip g, thats Sarah. Everyone thinks that.
Guy 1: I don't stand a chance.
Guy 2: That's right!
by lolwkdjndw December 08, 2011

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