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1. The occurance when people see people doing a dance on a commercial, movie, tv show, etc. and immediately emulate it to gain popularity.

2. A dance that everyone learns but soon abadons for a new one created by mainstream media.
The reject is considered a temporary thriller as well as walk it out, and two step

Jack in the Box failed at making a temporary thriller. See (youtube) "Mini Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich."
by lollerskate3 December 25, 2009
common noun.

One who constanly has a need or craving for tic tacs or other brand of mints.
Ever since I started going out with that girl, she says my breath is bad. Now I'm an atict.

Stop asking me for tic tacs you freaking atict!!
by lollerskate3 December 25, 2009

The occurance of you or one of your friends having a constant need for tic tacs. One who is aticted is known as an atict.
Friend: Hey man, do you have a tic tac?

You: For god sakes NO!! You are so aticted man!

Friend: No i'm not!

You: Oh yes you are.
by lollerskate3 December 25, 2009

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