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2 definitions by lolboredchickyandmusicrules:)

A very tiny western New Mexico town in Catron County where not much happens except the annual Pie Festival and the occasional dance. There are two pie shops, both of which serve fabulous food but are very unreliable about being open and also about their pies. There is also a post office, a lawyer's office, a fire station, some houses, and a park with a pavilion perfect for skateboarding and dances. No traffic to worry about, but just in case there's a sign when you enter saying "Caution, Congested Area." People are friendly, there are lots of ranchers and hippies, and everything is laidback and casual. Not much to do except go to the pie shops and yak over coffee, or go to the BookMobile every month, or make up interesting rumors about people you only know vaguely. The town attracts a lot of tourists - hikers, bikers, horseback riders - and a lot of them have interesting tales to tell.

Right on the Continental Divide...it's all downhill from here!
Wanna go get the mail in Pie Town?
by lolboredchickyandmusicrules:) February 28, 2011
A tiny ass town with nothing, where u have to drive at least 46 miles for McDonald's and about 90 miles for Chinese (bad Chinese, too) and about 165 miles for sushi. at least there's frozen pizza at the grocery store, and also 2 gas stations, one restaurant, a dump, and shooting range...the only places in town cool to hang out at. Also, no traffic!

Pronounced kay-mah-doh, but commonly mispronounced kwuh-mah-do, kwuh-may-doh, or kee-mah-doh.
One person: shit I'm bored
Second person: i know right me too there's nothing to fucking do in quemado
by lolboredchickyandmusicrules:) February 28, 2011