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can be very nice at times but then the slightest mistake or misunderstanding and Hannah is off on one, she thinks everyone is out to get her, she becomes close friends with someone she doesn't like. Hannah is pretty but those duck lips babe, uh oh:( foundation lips is a no go but Hannah likes it, she's locked in 2010 when that was actually fasion-ew. Hannah is two-faced, inconsiderate of others, thinks the world evolves around her, she likes to think every boy she talks to wants her but she has no arse or boobs, hopefully that's just a matter of time before the appear. she doesn't like lesbians because she so small minded. OH AND SHE'S A SLUT :)
'dans got until the end of the week to sort us out, or ill be like you, getting with people and shagging people, no strings attached, just pure pleasure, would you shag me?:L'-Hannah
by lol@u_m8 April 14, 2013

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