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A text word for 'see ya later'.
A: Hey, i'm gonna go to the pub, SYL.
B: SYL, as I will go to the strip club.
C: SYL guys, 'cause I gotta go take a piss.
by loggerheadman321 August 02, 2013
A person who thinks that he/she's all that and morosely selfish.
John: Ha-ha! You guys suck! I'm the ultimate gamer of ALL TIME!
Gerald: No shittin' way, hype mecro. You fuckin' suck, nigga beat.
John: Suck your bottomless dick for all I care.
Gerald: Just as bottomless as your mama's tush, but let's not overplay that one.
by loggerheadman321 July 02, 2013
A portmanteau of "woman", also meant for girls, and "bro", in synthetic terms.
*Jenny and Ashlyn is at Jenny's house, in her fashionable room, with Jenny trying out what dress to wear for the prom tonight and with Ashlyn being the judge* Jenny: Hey, does this prada dress make my ass look colossal?
Ashlyn*sarcastic and already wearing her peach dress-skirt*: Oh, yeah, sure, wobro, like your colossal
ass can take over the world.
Jenny*ponders*: But wouldn't it be great if it did? That'll be a great sight to see.
Ashlyn: *makes 0-0::: in response*
by loggerheadman321 November 16, 2013
A feminine term for 'douche': A woman/girl who's annoying to you so much.
Adam: Sunny, stop being such a douchette, and get a life.
Sunny: Um, I wouldn't be talking, 'cause you got shit in your pants.
Adam: What?? *looks down pants with brown spot* Well, this is embarrassing....
by loggerheadman321 August 02, 2013
A weird homage to the expression "deet", a short term for detail.
Samantha: Whoa, you gave him the finger! Give me more of the deetos, fo'!
by loggerheadman321 July 06, 2013
A portmanteau of the Nintendo portable systems of the DSi and 3DS. Most commonly used for 3DS/DSi formatted sites (most popular: 3DS/DSiPaint).
(scrolls down page of 3dsifacebook.com(real 3ds page. Look it up.)on his 3DS)
Danny (calls Barry): Hey, yo, man.

Barry(swipes thumb down on his phone on Real Facebook, looking at his profile): What the hell is it, bro?
Danny: You should try 3dsifacebook.com on your 3ds browser.
Barry: Why in the fuck would I go there if the real Facebook is better?
Danny: Ah, fuck you anyway. You're scared...
Barry: All right, fine, Goddamn! (logs out of Facebook profile and types in search '3dsifacebook.com')
There. I'm done. You happy now, bitch?

Danny: More happier than a bitch should be.
(the friends are both socializing on 3DSifacebook throughout the afternoon)
by loggerheadman321 April 20, 2013
An adjective for weirdos and geeks, it is a saying for one who was fooled by someone else.
Barry: I thought that stripper would fuckin' fuck me, yo.
Benjamin: Lol news flash! She was totally dooping on ya. Take notes next time for Christ's sakes!
Barry: You got a notepad? Exactly, you poor asshole.
Benjamin: Shut up, assed-out stoner with daily high bills.
by loggerheadman321 July 05, 2013

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