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i dont mean to be rude by saying this, but i cant beleive how pathetic u guys r being for making fun of rich people. after all, its just totally obvious that ur jealous of them. u make fun of them make ur self feel better. its gotta stop. if u were as wealthy as the people u call "spoiled rich brats", "big phat money bags", millionare(billionare) bitches" u wouldnt be hateful to middle class or people probably, then y r u, as a non wealthy person, hating rich people?
middle class girl wearing clothing from kohls:
oh my gosh look at that girl, shes wearing all designer clothing like chanel and gucci and fendi. what a spoiled brat. i cant beleive she just likes to show off that much. god i hate her and her and all those other rich bitches out there.
middle class girl wearing clothes from target:
i know i mean how pathetic is that? why cant she and all those other rich fags go and just shop at normal stores for a while and stop trying to make people jealous?
by logan caymen October 07, 2007

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