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1 definition by little_miss_sunshine

There are many types of ravers.
Candy kids are the most popular ( atleast where I am from ). These people claim to believe in plur. Most of the girls are very unoriginal, folling popular fashion trands, such as tu-tu's. Most go to EVERY rave possible, regardless of what music is gonna be played. Most of them can get pretty annoying at times and are the main cause for drama in the rave scene. They are usaully using ecstasy and the girls go wearing the most revealing outfits possible. Watch out for the slutty candy kids, because they are usually rolling ( or just slutty ), and hook up with random guys at raves at any given time. They are not concerned as to whether or not that guy has a girlfriend.
"OMG, i'm rolling so hard."
"That chick was such a raver."
by little_miss_sunshine May 07, 2009
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