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Bilo like a fish on a lilo
Bilo and Biggles on their round the world trip to arcady on the Albion
by Lisa January 28, 2005
lithuanian american, anything lithuanian
Bartasius is a lugan last name.

their lugan was so quick i couldn't understand what they were saying.
by Lisa January 17, 2005
Weed is somethin u smoke and its great!
weed is a plant thats grows from the ground...if got didnt like it it wouldnt be found..so all you preps who never got high...shut the hell up and give it a try
by Lisa March 23, 2005
Everybody here is saying how "HOT" Mike is.....but you all have to write about how amazingly talented he is and about his great style!! I think he would want everyone to compliment him on that too. Right guys??!! 8-)
Mike please tell your band to come to Switzerland to play a concert! Switzerland loves you guys!!!!
by Lisa February 29, 2004
used to tell someone to "be quiet" in a nice way other than to "shut up".
"would you please shush!"
by lisa May 08, 2003
a placerun by armenians with Mecedes audi's and BMW's. The Cops in glendale are assholes and pull everyonesover for everything. the parties get raided and everyone knows everyone & gossips all day long...
" fuckin glendale bro lets go chill at In & Out "

" BROOO I Live in Glendale the WACKEST City EVER... "
by Lisa April 12, 2004
This is the 28th letter of the Norwegian Alphabet. Contrary to popular belief the letter ø is NOT diphthong, however it is another way to write the vowel combination "oe"
The Norwegian letter 'ø' sounds similar to the 'u' soubd in the English word "hurt."
by lisa May 18, 2004
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