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Council Houses And Violence

-caucasian (white)
-cheap sports gear
-burberry caps
-hoop earrings
-too much "bling"
-waste of space
-greasy gel hair
-always chewing gum
-McDonalds cling-ons
-low I-Q

this could go on forever...
why do they exist?
Shopkeeper: How can i help?
Kayleigh: What the fuck you chink? why you lookin a' me like dat fo? I aint a chav..U wna smack? gimme a packet a' fags..and a vodka

Dad: Your a waste of space!
Ashleigh: What..so i'm 14 wid 5 kids without their dads, no where to live, got AIDS from 57 people ..so what?
by lilcuteflower August 07, 2007
term for a woman or young lady who sleeps around, the term usually used in London and said a lot in Kidulthood...
Joe: did you hear 'bout Tanieka?
Ryan: yeh man fuck her, fuck dat bitch she a sket man!
by lilcuteflower August 07, 2007

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