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1 definition by lil ya

A mispronunciation for Abercrombie used by:

1) Overzealous 7-10 year olds desperate to fit into Abercrombie clothes like their older siblings. Idolize Massie Block from the Clique books and/or read magazines like Tiger Beat.

2) Clueless middle schoolers who frequently have the logo plastered across their flat chests. The older siblings or baby-sitters of definition #1.

3) People who make fun of the above people. May or may not wear Abercrombie or Hollister clothes.
1) "Look at my new Ambercrombie destroyed skirt, guyz!!" says nine-year-old Jackie as her fifty dollar denim skirt embellished with a raw edged hem, blown-out holes, paint splatter, moose embroidery, and subtle fading hangs off her hips.

2) As cool as can be, seventh-grade Derrek swaggers about the hallways donning a green plaid fourty-five dollar button-up. The artfully rolled-up sleeves suggests that they were purchased a mere two days ago on a shopping expedition with Mom.

3) "Oh my gawsh, I lovez Ambercrombie!!!!!11"
by lil ya May 03, 2009
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