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You city people are complaining that we invade you clubs and ruin them every weekend? Well then why don't you just get the hell out of the Hamptons and Fire Island b/c you crowd it and stink up our beaches every summer. You cause traffic every weekend. No one likes you.

The majority of you people who claim you are from NYC are either from one of the four boroughs that no one cares about, or from Manhattan, but you are originally from some hickass town outside of NY state in which you moved to the city to say your from NY.

Like a lot of other people have pointed out, Long Island has its rich areas and its poor areas. I live in a town on the south shore which is split: somewhat rich-middle class. The southern part of the town on the water is where kids have parents who will buy them a car, but not a fucking Porsche or Corvette...maybe a used Chevy from the early 90's. I live in the northern part of town where kids have to start working when they turn 14 if they want a decent used car by the time they are a senior in high school.
You also can't say that Long Island is ALL rich...you can't walk down the street in certain towns at night without being mugged. You NYCers should know this b/c certain Long Island towns are repeatedly on NYC news and newspapers. I would love to see some of you walk down the street in Central Islip, Brentwood, Wyandanch or Bay Shore and then we can talk about crime rates.

And if you have ever even been here, you would NOT call Long Island rural in comparison to other suburbias. Long Island has the highest population density for suburbs in the country, and you will not see any farms until you pass Patchogue, and compared to Upstate (north of the Tappenzee Bridge), it does not even come close to rural.

No one here thinks they are part of the city and we live here so we don't have to be a part of the city...you can ask ANY Long Island kid where their parents or grandparents grew up and they'll tell you the city, and obviously, they left the city for a reason.
"Let's get a huge group of us city slickers to clog up every single highway out to Long Island this weekend so we can trash the Hamptons anf Fire Island! Don't forget the sunblock!"
by likid November 12, 2006

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