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A very harsh statement made by someone to someone else that hurts their feelings or makes them look retarded
Shannon:You are not my type
Shelly:Why cuz I aint skinny and have big tits?
Josie: Oh that was a blow to the scrotum.
by LIke you care December 10, 2003
A comeback to any gay joke that you are the butt of
Also, for people who are really dicks, assholes, or really stupid.
Shut up Captain Poopshoot, you ass-packing anal pirate who likes to shove his treasure in everyone's south seas, likes to swab the poop deck, and go Arggggghh matey
by LIke you care December 10, 2003
Crappiest place in Indonesia. Sinful city. Humanity blackhole.
A: What the hell is this place? Shithole?
B: Worse. You're in Jakarta.
by like you care July 14, 2005
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