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3 definitions by like you care

A comeback to any gay joke that you are the butt of
Also, for people who are really dicks, assholes, or really stupid.
Shut up Captain Poopshoot, you ass-packing anal pirate who likes to shove his treasure in everyone's south seas, likes to swab the poop deck, and go Arggggghh matey
by LIke you care December 10, 2003
A very harsh statement made by someone to someone else that hurts their feelings or makes them look retarded
Shannon:You are not my type
Shelly:Why cuz I aint skinny and have big tits?
Josie: Oh that was a blow to the scrotum.
by LIke you care December 10, 2003
Crappiest place in Indonesia. Sinful city. Humanity blackhole.
A: What the hell is this place? Shithole?
B: Worse. You're in Jakarta.
by like you care July 14, 2005