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All the way up until the late 1990's, if you had a college degree you stood out like a sore thumb on a job application. You were almost guaranteed a management position out of the box. Now days, everybody and their brother has some sort of degree, and since there is a high volume of degree holders in the market, the value of them has dropped significantly. As of 2009, there are more BA's and MA's working at Starbucks and grocery stores than ever before according to Forbes.

College use to be super cheap (UCLA/UCSB/Berkeley being only 10k a year including room/board/tuition back in the late 90's). Now those same schools are 27k a year. The average undergraduate having over a 100k dollars in student loan debt.

What I'm trying to say is that college use to be a no brainer investment, but now it is just the opposite. Unless you qualify for some serious FAFSA, Pell or Cal Grants, don't bother going because it simply isn't worth the debt if you're paying it out of your pocket. Instead, use the money you save by not going and invest into real estate or create your own business and be your own boss. Don't fall into the trap by thinking college is the only way to be successful
There are 1000's of college blogs, filled with 1000's of threads, with 1000's of posts of people who graduated with a 6 figure debt and are still working the same lame job they had in high school. Lets face it, no one out there gives two craps about what your interpretation of Shakespeare is, or if you know the definition of libertarianism.

Watch Steve Job's Stanford Commencement on youtube.
by life1221 July 03, 2009
A place where I went as a hope to transfer to a university as a junior. I earned an associates degree in three different subjects, and I soon realized that there are absolutely no employers who really give a rat's ass about an AA degree. I got accepted to a UC school that costs 27k a year and had to decline my admissions due to the cost.

College is simply too time consuming and expensive for what it is. Many of my buddies are graduating with BA's, MA's and are in some serious, reversible debt reaching close to 100k. Don't fall into the trap of thinking college is the only way to be successful. Create your own business or invest the money into something else besides a degree. Buy real estate in this down market and cash out kids.
What we don't understand is that there isn't a mysterious job market that opens up to us when we graduate from a Community College or University. It's just the same o' lame minimum wage corporate jobs that you could get without a degree anyway. Avoid the dogmatic trap and do something more beautiful.
by Life1221 July 03, 2009

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