5 definitions by library guy

Fun inversion of Jack Ass. Instead of calling someone Jack Ass just say Ass Jack.
That guy at work is a real ass jack.
by library guy December 15, 2009
Used when calling someone a ho isn't good enough

A reference to the line in planet of the apes where Charlton Heston says Damn Dirty Apes.
Man that Damn Dirty Ho got me again. I should know better than to trust her.
by library guy April 19, 2010
A reference to Stuff white people like.com. When someone is the perfect example of the people described on that site.
That dude who sits next to me at work is the epitome of so white.
by library guy December 16, 2009
Needed when a girl is so dirty you'd feel the need to use a condom the strength of a steel belted tire.
Man that ho was so gross I would fuck her with a steel belted condom.
by library guy April 19, 2010
When a girl is so nasty that you feel the need to use two condoms.
Man that girl has been around. She's definitely a double bagger.
by library guy April 19, 2010

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