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1 definition by lezz get crunkk

a dance that involves A LOTT of booty poppin' and God knows what else. a dance that pretty much only black girls (hence the name black girl dance) can do. sighh. we need more white black girl dancin girls in the world. YOU GO BLACK GIRRRRRLS! boy, do i wish i could get crunk/black girl dance.
*School Dance*

white girl #1: danngg. i wish i could dance like themm black girls. *tries to black girl dance but looks like a fish outta water*
white girl #2: yeahh dont try that again. leave the poppin and shakin to the black girls. *tries to dance but looks like a person tryna start a lawnmower*

basically, white girls cant dance.
by lezz get crunkk August 10, 2007