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Life; I'm sure ya'll know who superman is, right? So you know he's got every single power in the book. The fucker's practically invincible. Anyways I feel that people our age think they're superman. Okay, so we fuck around with the stupidest shit in the world. We smoke, we drink, we snort, we shoot up, and we steal something. We fuck around with the most dangerous shit in the world but we can't get hurt by it right? "Because we're invincible." But see it's bullshit. The crime, the drugs, and all that shit well that's our kryptonite. And well I see life is like superman flying over a field of kryptonite, and his goal is to get as close as possible to that field without actually touching it, you know? And being the rebel he is. He's always testing out his power, getting closer and closer but he's still cool right "because he's mother fucking superman." But eventually superman's gonna crash into that field of kryptonite and it's all gonna catch back with him. He'll crash and burn. It's the little things in life that mess you up the worst, but life goes on for most of us. We're all still flying along like superman, but we can't fly forever. We'll all eventually crash and then it hits us. We aren't invincible, Superman doesn't exist, but everything else, all the danger, all the problems, all the kryptonite will always be there...
by letmebemyself June 03, 2009

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