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Under appreciated Fullerton, CA skate punk band/supergroup. Their self titled is one of the best punk rock debuts ever released, but, unfortunately, they're largely glossed over in the modern rock vernacular for bands like the Dead Kennedys or Black Flag, both of whom enjoyed a larger measure of crossover success.
The Adolescents: for when the phrase "Orange County punk rock" didn't conjure up images of assholes in Hurley gear with cocked trucker hats.
by let's talk better mileage March 31, 2010
Some flaccid acousticrap band that's huge on college and mainstream radio. A bunch of unoriginal bleating about how much some dude either loves/misses some stupid sorority chick who's probably blowing some guy named Trey at a kegger. Listening to them conjures up a perfect image of a guy in tight pants strumming his acoustic guitar in the common area of the dorm trying to score some freshman snatch. Makes Jack Johnson look like Dave Mustaine.
-Hey, have you ever heard of Plain White T's?
-Yeah, they're that band with unintentional improper grammar in their name that isn't as good as Neil Young, Sonic Youth, the Adolescents, or most anything else in the history of recorded music.
-Thank you Mr. President
by let's talk better mileage March 31, 2010
Cheap, typically Korean-manufactured "starter guitars" based on the iconic Stratocaster archetype. Startocasters tend to be of low build quality and manufactured of inferior parts. Some of them do make halfway decent project guitars, though.
Person 1: "Did you hear that Johnny got a Strat? I wish I got that lucky with my first guitar"

Person 2: "It's a Strat in name only-I bet it's just some Korean Startocaster"

"Yeah, this Squier may sound rough now, but you just wait until I've replaced the stock tuning machines with Sperzels, the saddles with Graph Techs, and the pickups with Fender 54s."
by let's talk better mileage May 18, 2010

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