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A townie is an arrogant piece of shit who normally walks around town centres. Other words for them are chav,towny and general piece of crap.
Female townies are usually known as hoes or bitches and are usually sluts. They also carry lots of infections that the decent people in the world punks, skaters], greebos should stay well clear of.
The male species normally fink they are "solid" and av lots of "respec'" thats respect spelt badly. Their clothes are normally bought from the local market and although they have names on these are often Borberry (cheap burberry) badidas 9 adidas rip-offs) and often Nice (If you squint it looks like Nike)
Lots of them claim they "boned their hoes" when they were 5 but have of ten neva come into contact id someone of the opposite sex except for when buying cheap alcahol at Threshers.
Rachel Bissel, leader of Townies UK.
Send abuse to 07837725389.
by leo and buva January 04, 2005

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