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1. "thank you" in swedish
2. whorey lady
3. boy parts :P

but don't say it as number three because you'll sound like a nerd.
1. random person: here are some nice meatballs for you, sven.

swedish person: tack så mycket!

2. egad! would you LOOK at that tack over there? what a slut.

3. person a: woah nice tack you got there ;)
person b: what the fudge o_O
by lemon(: June 28, 2009
something that a really lame poopy person calls you when they are being dumbos. or, it could be a misunderstanding and they are really saying "fat monk."
idiot: hahah you are such a bat chunk

sane person: ...
by lemon(: June 29, 2009
an extremely hot slut... so hot that you can ignore how many STDs that she has, or that she'll have sex with anything that is or was ever alive.

found in the song Till Death Do We Party, by Blood on the Dance Floor.
the singer guy is all, "oh no, terico! gonna shoot my hot load!"
person a: that girl is hot
person b: eww she is SUCH a terico, i heard that whore sleeps with seven guys an hour. she is an STD factory!
person a: ehhh.. she's still hot. (:
person b: agreed~ definitely do-able.
by lemon(: June 28, 2009

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