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it would seem that most people trying to define the term drift here are either people who look at drifting in somewhat of a negative view, or people who think they know all about drifting because they watch initial D alot.It would also seem that all,if not most of these people are americans.
take it from someone who knows drifting, not because it's popular in their country,and not because they have seen it on a cool looking cartoon. drifting in australia is not very big, and that's the way we like it. i have drifted effectively,and i have also written off a car in the proccess of drifting once. from the over use of the word "ricer" i can tell that most of these people take drifting as somesort of an ego trip thing,and that drifting in america is quite big, thus making many people think they are down because they go to the battles and watch the cartoons.try it for real and see how you go.
DRIFTING IS: The art of driving a car sideways through a corner whilst maintaining effective wheelspin.
it started underground.keep it that way.
'i'm a drifter because i called someone a ricer for talking about drifting'.....that's NOT how it goes.

by legitimate business man July 17, 2005
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