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Terms named after killstreak rewards in MW2 that relate to taking a dump.
Well here it goes:

Airdrop: Taking a dump without your cheeks hitting the toilet seat; ideal for public restrooms

Sentry Gun: Shitting small pieces really fast, so it resembles the bullets of a turret.

Predator Missile: A really long piece of shit that comes down fast, usually leaving 'splash damage'

Emergency Airdrop: More than one piece of shit taken without sitting on the toilet seat.

Stealth Bomber: 'Silent but deadly'. Made no sound at all, but completely shook up the toilet.

EMP: Clogging the toilet so that it does not work, disabling it.

Tactical Nuke: Taking the most vile sounding shit that makes the whole toilet brown, including the rim. It clogs the toilet, and usually includes diarrhea, chunks, and leaves the washroom unusable for days.
Dude. I just nuked the toilet yesterday.
WTF? John, you've been smoking too much weed
No not this time, I'm referring to the Call of Duty: Toilet Terms
by legamer August 04, 2010

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