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4 definitions by leche cristo

1 - A gentleman has too much to drink and has trouble getting an erection at the lady's request and instead just falls asleep.

2 - A gentleman drinks some, but not too much. The erection arrives to the lady's delight and lasts much longer than normal. If gentleman doesn't cum during the exchange its ok. Blue Balls don't exist for this situation.
1 - "That whiskey dick just passed out on top of me, what an asshole!"

2 - "That whiskey dick is lasting forever!! What a gentleman."
by leche cristo May 15, 2009
To do anything and add a bit of the Karl Malone piazzazz by putting one hand on the head model style, be it slam dunking the basketball, or just adding a little extra flavor to a kick flip.
"That would've been extremely lame, except that he added a Karl Malone-it!! What a bad ass!"
by leche cristo May 15, 2009
The "pub rub" occurs when your girl starts to rub your penis (usually on the outside of your pants) in a public place. Preferably at a pub.
I can't get up right now, my girl just gave me a pub rub.
by Leche Cristo February 15, 2010
When a person is puking and blasting diarrhea at the exact same time.
Holy Shit, That Guy is Seriously Screaming Eagle!!
by Leche Cristo August 03, 2009