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A poorly Made Anime Made By Ken Akamatsu who also makes Manga's that no One has even heard of and a complete Rip-Off of the Series Called Negima... The only good thing is the story!!!
I wasted about a week watching this series And the Plot was so confusing i had to look up a spoiler even after watching all the episodes... it turns out Keitaro Marries Naru butt then i didn't know who the promised girl was so i had to read the manga just to find out... More wasted time in my wasted life!!!
If the urban dictionary Doesn't publish this i will cry!!!
Keitaro: Why is my life such a mess? *Sobs to self*
love hina fan: HAHHAA! That's so funny!
Keitaro: I might just have a shower and fall asleep (Things will look better in the morning)
Love hina Fan: This is boring! Make Keitaro's life suck!
Keitaro: *Opens Door And Naru is having a shower there*
Naru: YOU PERVERT! *punches Keitaro*
Love hina fan: HAHHAHA! OMG! How Hilarious I will write a positive review on this anime so suckers fall for watching it!
Person with Knowledge: I find this anime Blant,Unessacarry And Distasteful... i should stop watching before i kill myself! *Hits Eject on Dvd Player*
by le lolyllo October 22, 2009

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