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Rambling incoherent twitter postings which are made usually while under the influence of drugs/alcohol/self-importance. Often posted in rapid fire and contradictory to previous posts. Well known crack tweet-ers are Lindsay Lohan, Tila Tequila, and Courtney Love.
An example crack tweet from Lindsay Lohan this November (in rapid fire)

"When does “going for a drive” turn into “walking into teddys with @carlosncharge and a girl"

"Too bad I can catch someone in a lie when I heart voyeur"

"Jess s is with kellun hahahahahahaha"

" so much for s not being “public” guess fame is better with premiere kids."


"Did you see the crack tweets that Courtney Love posted about losing custody of her daughter?"
by laxqt24 January 14, 2010
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