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Male gopper tends to be lanky, walks with head bent down and slightly to one side. Usually holds mouth open involutarily, saliva commonly found at sides of the mouth.
Male tends to remain a virgin unless he has access to money.
Female gopper, not known for social graces. Tends to be sensitive and goes cross eyed when upset.
Both sexes appear to suffer some kind of speech affliction.
Both sexes become hysterical when asked a difficult question.
Famous goppers include; Gordon Brown, Jonathan Ross, Gordon Ramsey, Jade Goody, Tracy Emin and Carol Thatcher.
by lawlessgirl April 01, 2007
A combination of a nose twitch which makes the whiskers move. eg; rabbit, cat, Billy Connoly, Carol Thatcher.
Descriptive of animal facial expressions. Although can include male humans and some unlucky female humans (usually French).
The rabbit twisked as he sniffed his carrots. The cat began twisking at the scent of a mouse. Billy twisked in deep concentration. Carol twisked with disgust. French women are known twiskerers when feeling impatient
by lawlessgirl April 01, 2007
Total cretin who had a few weeks of fame following a short stay on Big Brother. Best remembered for the look of shock on his face when he was voted out. The kind of guy who uses every tacky chat up line known to exist. Probably would pay for female company. Likes women best when they're drunk. Shortass with big opinion of himself. Easy to manipulate by massaging his ego.
His mummy loves him.
Got hit by a total creep the other night called cezar
by lawlessgirl April 01, 2007

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