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3 definitions by laura t

super uber trippy sort of bird which refuses to move it's tiny little head no matter what you to do it...try running it over with your truck multiple times. it has the power of buddha within it.
"hey look...zen chickens are cooool."
by laura T February 01, 2004
to have an attack of the jibs. formally known as a spaz attack! 13/14 year olds commanly use this term.
"hey man, don't jib out on me!" "stop jibbing out"
by laura t March 21, 2004
its a mixture of insane and mania made up by Peter (mysterious girl) andre on " im a celebrity get me out of here.
"do do do do do,do do do do do, do do do do do its insania"
by laura t February 06, 2004