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The act of taking a serious shitsickle in the top tank of a toilet.
dude that chicks party was so lame top tanking her toilet was the only way to add a little atmosphere...she'll never forget that night once she discovers where that stench is coming from...don't go back for a few days !!!
by last star fighter August 25, 2007
when you truly believe something wieghs way to much.and wants to get on an elevater with you or in your car..elephants ..fat chicks ...wrecking balls,,,
that fat chick wanted a ride in my car but she exeeded the maximum loadage paramiters of this vehicles specs....
by last star fighter August 25, 2007
a phrase that discribes a person place or thing that has gotten so large or heavy that it is beyond all known paramiters....elephants, wrecking balls,,,,fat chicks
dude that fat chick is so fat she has exeeded maximum loadage...and she ain't riding in my car...get your uncles dump truck...
by last star fighter August 27, 2007
verb...used to describe a person who is NASTY, FAT AND UGLY
yo! take a shower put a bag over your head and put a salad in your ass ,,,you nafugly bitch
by last star fighter August 27, 2007
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