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1 definition by last recon

The sequel to the 2001 game of the year, Halo. Developed by Bungie, it is a game that excels in both Single player and multiplayer. Now with Xbox live, Halo 2 is a must for any FPS fan. Though it has it's weak points(ending, some annoying glitches), it is a very amazing game overall. And it looks incredible for the hardware it is running on.

Note: This definition is not for half life 2 fanboys or halo 2 haters.
Gamer 1: Man, I'm sick of *game goes here*.
*Calls friend*
Gamer 1: Hey *friends name*, do you want to play some H2?
Gamer 2: Sure, ill invite a couple other friends too, we can fire up a game of CTF.
Gamer 1: Cool, ill see you online
by last recon January 17, 2005