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he may seem hot at first and i mean very hot and also the sweetest guy ever....BUT YOUR WRONG! He will make you feel special and that you are the one but truely he is just a big fat flirt! dont tell your friends bout him....they will prob be his next victim. Friends good, more terrible
"Oh look at that kid alex he is hot;" " "No he is the biggest dick"
by lala20 December 13, 2010
back stabbing son of a bitch who you cannot trust or tell anything. be causious she is not you friend she will TRY to steal every guy in sight, but only the dumb ones will fall for it. She will make your life and all your friend's life miserable. Watch out!
sofia is a bitch

sofia trys yo hard to get guys....but cant
by lala20 December 13, 2010

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