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To all of those condemend to live in the slums of Casse. We live from welfare check to welfare check, and make ends meet by scrapping and hustling. Were youngbloods used to walk down to the old McDonalds express, just to steal a cup of soda and take the basket of free cookies. Were infinite amounts of gang related vandalism occured. Were numerous blunts were smoked on the lifeguard chair, overlooking the dreadfull lake were dead bodies are hidden.Were Casse Liquors, and Sunoco Joe have supported underaged drinking since we were 12. This is a dedication to all of those Casse thugs and commuters who have made things better for themselves despite were they came from.
That kid over there lives in Lake Casse. He probably either has a 9mm, a paint marker or a dime bag on him.
by lake ca$$e kr3w April 24, 2008

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