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A 'Christian' religious sect that meets all neccessary criteria for a cult (though that applies to a number of christian sects). This particular sect of mental patients beleive that females will burn in hell for a cutting their hair, wearing makeup, piercing their ears, or any other destructive, vain activities. All pentecostals are raised to beleive that any non-pentecostal will burn in hell for eternity, as will any pentecostal who has ever drank, smoked, said 'gosh', or missed church. This high level of logical thinking goes a long way in explaining why most pentecostals live in trailer parks and eat fried Spam for dinner (after, of course, they pray).
Pentecostal:"Oh dear, is that (gasp) lipgloss you're wearing...with pants, no less."
Normal person: "Yes, dont you know that most modern females wear pants?"
Pentecostal:"The bible clearly states that sinners like you will be damned to hell for all of eternity."
Normal person walks away content, knowing that hell would be better than a heaven filled with pentecostals.
by lacoste_lover October 03, 2005

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