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1 definition by la ksdhga

The hottest man to ever walk on this earth. Always connected with the last name Jonas. A sex god, the epitome of perfection. One who has brown perfect curls that match perfectly with his brown eyes. His flawless face makes your heart melt. His style, what ever guy should strive to look like. One who likes marry girls named Natasha. Nicks are also are very kinky, and once their purity ring is gone (after marriage with Natasha) they fuck the shit out of her. They are also very smart and extremely musically talented. An awesome song writer and lyrical genius. He also tends to be very athletic and caring. Is a beast at Life. Nick, the definition on perfection.
Natasha: Oh Nick, your so amazing
Nick: You know how i do.
by la ksdhga March 21, 2009
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