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3 definitions by l33t h4x0r

An extremely bad online player; a homosexual male.
Don't be such a fucking Woolyjuggs.
by l33t h4x0r February 23, 2003
Corrections from previous definition:
Also known as Wheelfuck or douche to complete and utter idiots (See: "wankers, tossers"); A person who likes to win a slander war, spam, and throw fruit at the loser of the slander war.
I would eat that apple but I have the suspicion that Wheelman owned someone with it.
by l33t h4x0r February 23, 2003
An extremely well hung, l33t h4x0r online player; unbeatable; the driver of an automobile, especially of a getaway car.
Wheelman pwnz j00.
by l33t h4x0r February 23, 2003