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Having or being in a higher state of dece, to have a higher stand than dece
Pwning t3h n00bz=Dece Lax
by l337 h4x0rz October 19, 2007
The dece way of saying ima gunna stick my dong in yur butt hole.
Some Guy- I know the mayor of Browntown
Some Guy 2- Does he take you there every night?
Some Guy- Yea he takes me there for a few hours! its great!
Some Guy 2- How dont you have AIDS already?
by l337 h4x0rz December 03, 2007
To show very much speed, quickness, the ability to do something quickly when necessary.
I'm about to dump in my pants.
Hurry up the game is going to end!
Dont worry I'll show some Nitros.
DW son.
by l337 h4x0rz December 03, 2007
Pronounced D Dubya, the word is the shortened form of the phrase Do Work. This is phrase commonly used on the MTV reality series Rob and Big. The word is used as a verb and is defined as to do or get done in an enjoyable manner.
Rob- I wanna go skate for like an hour or two
Big Black- DW son, lets do work
Rob- Lets go!
Big Black-DW
by l337 h4x0rz December 03, 2007

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