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One of the greatest animated shows to be aired on TV which was cancelled because FOX thought they had no viewers which they soon realized they did when adult swim got millions of views, and their DVD's made them made cash. Main characters are the Griffens: Peter, Brian, Lois, Stewie, Meg, and Chirs. Along with their neighbors Cleveland, the black guy, Joe, the crippled cop in a wheelshair, and quagmire, the horny perverted sex freak that whatever he says is hilarious. Family guy uses many hilarious flashbacks along with random scences which makes this show 10x better than the Simpsons and is the best animated show ever.
Guy 1: Family Guy is the best show ever
Guy 2: No way the Simpsons are better
Guy 1: <SMACK> u daumbass family is 10x better
by l Casa l January 30, 2006

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