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while smoking ( generally blunts ) when the person next to you gets saliva all over the mouth peice
wtf?! alright.... who nig lipped it?
by kyle toelken September 13, 2005
a device used to smoke marijuana constructed by the following steps:

1. cutting off the bottom 5th of a 2 liter pop bottle.
2. line the inside of the bottle with a plastic bag and tape it to the outside of the bottle creating an air tight seal about 2 inches from the bottom of the bottle.
3. drill a hole in the cap and insert a small bowl peice(also make edge air tight; suggested to use thread seal tape)
4.fill the bowl, and light it while pulling the bag out from the bottom (thus filling the bag with smoke)
5 un-screw the cap and enjoy
we didnt have a peice so Curtis made another third lung and we smoked like champs
by kyle toelken October 25, 2005
the absolute highest you can ever get by smokeing marijuana
short for "5th dimension"
i was 5d for sure last night holy shit
by kyle toelken October 25, 2005
while consuming alcahol, after an individual has thrown up from excesive consumption of alcahol, riding the "puke train" is when u keep drinking after you've already thrown up and you proceed to throw up again and again
carl rode the puke train last night..... atta boy
by kyle toelken October 25, 2005

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