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A sports official that is blatently calling games for the home team. Typically found in high school and ametuer sporting events.
"I can't believe that ref called him for ruffing the passer. He didn't even touch him!"

"Yeah, that ref is a total homer!"
#bad ref #loose cannon #blind line judge #blind ref #paid offical
by Kyle Jordan July 27, 2007
A sexual favor performed by a fast food employee that is currently working a scheduled shift.
"Meet me in the back room and I'll give you a Mc Job!"
#mic job #mcjob #mc-job #mkjob #sexual harassment
by Kyle Jordan May 18, 2007
When feeding an infant/toddler and the child shuts their mouth before the spoon gets all the way in. This typcally results in food being left all over themselves and whom ever is feeding them.
Mom: What happened?!?! There's baby food every where!

Dad: We had a bad case of short spooning.


Mom: why is there food all over Junior?

Dad: He short spooned me
#kids #baby food #baby feeding #mess #parenting
by kyle jordan February 25, 2009
Bold Italicized Underlined: used in reference to the tool bar above word documents. Typically used in text messages when you don’t have such a tool bar available.
Did you see Becky just walked up and kicked Justin in the junk and stuff?

Like N.W.! Why?!

She heard that he skipped the home coming dance the go screw some slut. But he was at like the hospital with his sick Grandpa or something!

He's soooo sweet!

Yeah and Becky is a B.I.U. Bitch!
#text #text shorts #omg #phone talk #shit talk
by Kyle Jordan September 24, 2008
When you wake up on time, but then you have sex with your partner which makes you late for work.
Boss: why are you so late?

Employee: oh , sorry boss I sexed in this mourning.

Boss: Nice. Nice.
#excuses #reasons #b.s. #slept in #tardyness
by Kyle Jordan December 08, 2007
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