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Coffee flavored Brandy is a unique blend of alcohol, sugar, and coffee usually found in Northern Maine. Half-Gallons of Allens coffee Brandy are the most bought alcohol in the state of Maine. Number two and three are Allens 1/5 and Allens Pint, respectively. Allens is usually mixed with milk to create a very healthy and satisfying treat.
Who is this cougar sleeping next to me? I've never been so spreadahd in my life!
#brown #gutter butter #lpr #slut juice #throttle in a bottle #flower in the tundra #uncle allens #automatic turbo chargers #pre-mixed marlon brandos #a good time
by kyle cota June 26, 2006
Assortative mating is the art of fat people procreating with others of the same body type. Eventually this leads to a population that is large and in charge.
Dude! Look at that fat couple! They shouldn't be allowed to have kids, they should ban assortative mating.
#fat couples #buffalo hunters #cougar prowlers #whale watchers #rocco bottos
by kyle cota June 28, 2006
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