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A black male anally fucks a white girl, mexican girl, muslim girl, and an asian girl. After ejaculation in each ass the girl then shits into a slush puppy cup. After all the shit is collected, the girls drink up.
DeSean: What is your favorite slush puppy flavor?
Megan: An Interracial Slush Puppy.

DeSean: Stay thirsty my friends.
by Kyle Zeterbergz March 24, 2011
A sexual routine involving a coconut, one cooked crawfish, and one living crawfish. While in the missionary position a coconut is broken over the women's head to ensure she is limp for the following, the cooked crawfish is inserted into the anus and the living into the vagina, both are then sucked out broken open, dipped in the coconut milk and eaten. It is a favorite among southern Cajuns and the French.
"You haven't eaten crawfish until you have had the coconut crawdaddy"

Kacey - "Kota, why are your limping"
Kota - "I got Coconut Crawdaddy-ed last night and the live one got a little feisty"
by kyle Zeterbergz March 24, 2011

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