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These movies are these movies that don't involve much of a plot, but they have just a bunch of random sword swinging, yelling and gore. It has some chick that is not that attractive but knows how to kick ass. It is usually based on some historical event that nobody cares about, but it is more just two hours of endless testerone.
300, Gladiator, and Konan The Barbarian are your classic barbarian movies
by Kyle 230 October 04, 2010
It is the head up your butt degree for college kids that haven't gotten out of high school so they drag it out another two more years. It is usually grade 13 and 14 and it is a perfect opportunity to smoke, drink, party, and sleep with a hangover it away. It may help you decide what you want to do with life and eventually will get you working some government job. The classes they make you take are some environmentalist shit, foreign language, something to suck up to Mexicans because of human diversity, history, worthless math, a science that thumps global warming, see what they are shoving?
I am going to college for my Associate of Arts Degree.
by Kyle 230 May 15, 2010
A R&B, urban pop, and melodic hip-hop station that is played on XM-Sirius. It used to be identical to The City and The City was way better because we have some mixtapes and real hip-hop, not this half fast Nelly type pop type crap that is not even hip-hop, but it is more pop. Now it plays a lot of good stuff that is liked by teenage girls and young adult girls that think Lil Wayne is the best guy who hit the planet. Not as hardcore as the other rap stations and it is more appropriate for the work world.
The Heat is gay - bring back the City. Fuck the Heat.
by Kyle 230 December 25, 2009
The best way to listen to an album for free without paying a penny.

Also, a great way to find some obscure band that nobody has heard of, but who cares about that part.
I never bought a CD in ages, thanks to myspace music.
by kyle 230 August 11, 2009
Over use of the internet, making the person more shy and reliant of the internet for their social life than actually meeting new people and having a social life in the real life. Web shy people may have huge friends list on the internet but not that many people are their friends in real life. They rely a lot on dating sites for romance but never get there past a chat line or e-mail, making them online long distance relationships only. They always obsess on internet advice, making them think about the worse possible outcome the found out on the internet, which makes them more hesitant when it comes to doing social stuff in real life. They love to express their feeling and opinions online, but clam up when they are asked a question in class or a job interview. The only solution is to either completely stay off the internet (cold shoulder) or limit your internet access, and shut it off when you start becoming web shyness. Thes people also love porn.
Brandon, an internet addict, was to chicken to ask that cute girl out in math class since he had web shyness
by Kyle 230 December 11, 2009
An amazing "boy band" that makes excellent songs such as "Stay The Night" and "My Everything". They know what they are talking about and they have lyrics that you can relate too. They are very seductive and any women will love some of their lyrics in a love notes. They have amazing harmonies, and they perfected the autotune effect in a few of their songs. The only other person who perfected the autotune effect was T-Pain. This is not yout typical bubblegum group. They should be coming too.
98 Degrees is the shit.
by Kyle 230 December 10, 2009
Pretty much the class that tells us that we are all made to fuck each other. Think about it. We are human species. We reproduce. We have been theoretically came from apes so we are made to fuck whoever we want to please.
Oh my biology teacher told us that is normal to masturbate and fuck.
by Kyle 230 May 05, 2010

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