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These sappy romance movies that usually involved some romantic affair with some half faggy looking guy with an aristocratic family. Usually takes place around the 1910s Victorian era and has women wearing bonnets, horses and buggies. It is usually shown on TCM or Lifetime and it thinks it has some historical value to it, but it more of another movie for women to rise their estrogen when they are having PMS. It's a movie that guys are sometimes dragged to when they are on a date.
Gone With The Wind is the classic example of a bonnet movie
by Kyle 230 October 04, 2010
A combination of scene kid and ghetto/ gangsta. Most likely the black person who is trying to be scene and is not really making it. Usually wears bright colored ghetto hoodied, bright colored hats, Bape hoodies, sweat pants, bright colored sunglasses, and Converse shoes. Usually listens to half rap-R&B like Lil Wayne and T-pain, and maybe stuff like 3!oh3
Lil Wayne is a model for scenetto kids out there.
by Kyle 230 December 26, 2009
It is the same thing as crunk&B and people sing/rap about the same thing in crunk&B, but it uses a snap beat and has some melodic elements to it. It also has the same elements as snap music and they sing about the same thing in every song, usally about strippers and the club and something involved with the word "shawty" and "AYYYYY".
T-pain and the dream are perfect examples of snap&B
by Kyle 230 December 25, 2009
Christmas without the Jesus and the snow...unless you live in the Rockies
Halloween is the same thing as Christmas...you got last minute candy and costume shopping, knocking on people's door and bugging people for treats, getting candy, holiday movies til you sick of them
by Kyle 230 November 02, 2009
Pretty much a place that you get stuff to sell on eBay, and then pretty much they are wound up on other one of these places so another person can sell it on eBay and so forth
Oh I found this eBay item on a yard sale...lets put that back on eBay because it is crap and make some more money than 75 cents
by Kyle 230 April 28, 2010
Rock/alternative music that has dance/electronica like influences to it. It is not the 80s hair bands and it is not Gary Newman, it is a different bunch of guys. Think of guys such as 3!0h3, The Killers, Forever The Sickest Kids, Kevin Rudolf, Ke$ha, The Veronicas, 78violet, and any band scene kids go crazy over
Kevin Rudolf makes some good electrorock songs
by Kyle 230 May 28, 2010
Facebook because this site has turned into a site where you can go anywhere on the internet, you can like something or connect with them.
Facebook has turned into the vagina of the internet. Everything can be fucked into facebooks big pussy to create more offspring (members)
by Kyle 230 June 14, 2010
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