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A pretty decent news network that tells you what is really happening and not this phony shit on CNN, MSNBC and NBC news, It also have hot babes on there and pretty intelligent but down to earth newscasters, not these college educated liberals that never ever lived any life in the real world.
When Fox News says something, it means it.
by Kyle 230 July 27, 2009
Basically having Chuck Norris as the President. He doesn't believe in the government and he rather get rid of that place called the White House and let everyone do anything they want besides kill each other because we are America. He was a great world peacemaker and he taught a form of ecomonics that every country except for Australia and Scotland haven't really thought of. It is called Common sense. Save your money, put it in the bank, don't blow it all on stupid shit, invest in something to help humanity and not for greed, and you don't need some Communist dictator tell you what to do. He kicked some Soviet ass by telling Gorbachav to tear down the wall in the most kickin' ass way.
Ronald Reagon just believed in Ass Kickin', Not Government
by Kyle 230 August 14, 2010

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