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16 definitions by kyle biddle

the creator of autorune, a packet hack for runescape
kaitnieks is so fucking leet, he made autorune, (yes kaitnieks is a guy) see kaitnieks.com
by Kyle Biddle July 23, 2004
235 84
When something is already dead, and you keep bring it up over and over again
counter strike is a dead horse that everybody should stop beating
by Kyle Biddle August 02, 2004
234 100
a soda company, see also, fuck and never touch again
fanta, makes really good soda!
by Kyle Biddle July 08, 2004
74 47
what you say to someone when you just ignored them
<annoying person> omg liek sex me plz
<cute girl> <click>
by Kyle Biddle August 03, 2004
12 2
something you tell someone when they take so much medication, they have to keep taking pills, for instance, you take a pill to take away a headache, but the side effect is diarriha, so you take a pill for that, then you take a pill for that side effect, and so on
why the fuck do i need an example i explained the whole thing ^^
by Kyle Biddle July 23, 2004
22 12
A very nice guy, also a moderator at rscheatnet and is a hisorical cheater on runescape, a very famos person when it comes to runescape
evilcowgod is so fucking 1337
by Kyle Biddle July 23, 2004
13 4
also a smily for omg see !_!
:! i want ircoppage :! :! :!
by Kyle Biddle August 02, 2004
28 25