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2 definitions by ky hyphy chick ya dig

Yadamean. Is the new hip or sling way of sayiin you no what i mean it just now u put all the words together.So now the word sound more doper
oldschool"we stay grooving you no what i mean"
new school"we stay hyphy yadamean"
by ky hyphy chick ya dig February 03, 2007
Nigga iz a word black people use.its not a races word.its just a sling n doper way to call your friends.Yes all races may say it.But if u anit black than if i was u i wouldnt say it.Because even tho it anit a races word if u r white or n e otha race but black u would b look at az races just because of the pass behind that word
b say nigga what u gonna do taday"
c say "shyt nuttiin chill wit this lil niggaz"
by ky hyphy chick ya dig February 03, 2007