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2 definitions by ksizzle

A name for someone who has one or more of the following qualities:
Quicker than a cheetah
Thin and sexy, but with a big badonkadonk
Runs more than a kenyan
Can somehow mention all the muscles in the arm seamlessly in a conversation about something totally different
Procrastinates like a pro
Makes delicious desserts
Gives advice whether you want it or not, and it doesn't suck
Has a vague grasp of history and physics
Can drop it low while still maintaining class
Can drop it low while in class
Can't drop a class (doesn't need to cause of all the A's)
Loves their pets more than most family members and friends
Is one of the coolest people you know
Loses horribly in wii tennis, but still enjoys it
Starts off or ends 80% of conversations with "Seriously, what the fuck!?"
Understands the perplexing mystery of the magic hologram at the mall
Are super good at almost all sports, but their basketball skills need work
Yo, did you see ktizzle run that marathon while reciting all the bones in the body!?
by KSizzle February 08, 2012
5 4
a disappointing and/or unfulfilling experience. also a limp penis. also an unexpectedly short experience. generally used when referring to sex.
She: I was expecting a decent shag but he just gave me a willis.
Female friend: how unfortunate. Lets go look for some real penis.
(Both exit stage left)
by ksizzle October 29, 2005
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