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So, here's my definition for scene.
Typical scene kid
* has over 5000 friends on myspace.
* tries not to fix their myspace page too much, to make it sound like they don't give a shit about it.
* they constantly say they have a life outside of myspace.
* their myspace urls include words like: drug, killer, phsycho, millionaire, malice, gore, vanity, miss, massacre, panic, doll, brutal, terror, etc; including a trademark next to it.
* They join a gazillion trains, to get as many scene friends as possible.
* Most of them are vegan and are members of PETA.
* They use extensions and dye their hair of different colors just to seem cool. they dye it not only of a rainbow color, they can have their hair covered with an animal print, like zebra or leopard, zig zags, stripes or anything that will make them look unique.
* Girls commonly have black or blonde hair, combined with more than 2 colors or patterns. super straight, by the way.
* Guys may dye it also. Most of them have black hair, with a splash of a white, blonde or red color.
* Girls use bows, pins, headbands, etc.
* They have a weird obsession with diamonds, bats, dinosaurs, crowns, brass knuckles, hello kitty, gloomy bears and ugly dolls; God only knows why.
* They claim they are straight edge, when in fact, they take pictures of themselves holding a cigarette and looking away like saying 'help me'.
* They listen to music that only 10 or 15 people have listened to. Some example are: the black dahlia murder, job for a cowboy or a life once lost. They may listen to rap songs ocasionally.
* They think it's hilarious when they talk to other scene kids with a ghetto or gangster style.
* Their myspace picture's captions are random song, book or movie lines that don't have anything to do with the picture but they make it sound deep, confusing and amusing.
* Most of them idolize the suicide girls, which are scene girls covered with tattoos, posing naked or half naked for this site.
* Christine dolce, another icon for the scene community; as well as Jeffree star, audrey kitching, jac vanek, raquel reed, hanna beth or clint catalyst. WHAT do they do? oh they dye and style hair, that's what has made them completely e-famous and a bunch of scene queens.
* Kiki kannibal, the most annoying person ever, who claims to be a scene queen, and that she has brought back stripes and made bats and diamonds a trend. (How pathetic, right?). She is worshipped night and day by innocent and new in the scene community kids.
* this is the uniform scene kids wear:
- Tight, dark and skinny jeans.
- metal/indie/screamo band t shirt.
- vintage stuff.
- Girls wear flats or the glamxcore ones wear 9 inch stilettos.
- Boys wear converse, vans, etc. NEVER flip flops.
- scene boys would never be caught dead with a beard or a moustache.
- Both sexes would be find wearing TMNT, power ranger, invader zim or any horror movie shirts.
- Girls wear ridiculously bright leggings with different silly patterns.
* scene kids have facial piercings. Most commonly septum and snake bites.
* Some of them have tattoos, not all of them.
* They use hairspray to have 'big hair' so they can look cool.
* They are in love with their sidekicks and ipod.
* They enjoy reading deep, long books and love tim burton's movies.
* One of the things they enjoy the most is watching horror films, like saw.
* They use about 10 layers of make up, with extremely bright neon eyeshadows, fake eyelashes, etc.
* They enjoy doing hardcore dancing in parking lots or at unknown band shows.
* They may appear mean and arrogant. Even though most of them are, they just pretend to be it.
* They claim to be beautiful, special, unique and most of all, vain, unlike emo kids.
* They aren't that emotional.
This is all you need to know about this kids.
random girl#1: like omg i saw this scene kid at the mall and he couldn't enter this store because her hair was so big.
random girl#2: Yaa! like omg! i saw it too. they even stopped her because they thought she hid something inside her hair.

scene kid#1: OMFG bitch look what i found here!!
scene kid#2: yo yo! what's that shizzle?!
scene kid#1: there's this hello kitty shirt full of diamonds, im gonna go steal my daddy's credit card alright! fuck im so scenee!! hold on i need more make up.
scene kid#2:oh gosh like gee im so gangster im gonna go watch a horror film and add a thousand more friend on myspace so they can look at my new so expensive bat necklace like yeah bitch im so hxc.
by kris gore April 30, 2007

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