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Engineer who has the broad capability of many engineering ,natural as well as social science disciplines to be a Programme or Project Manager of multi- disciplinary teams and million or multi-million dolalr projects within sustainable environmental development of cities, towns and communities.
infrastructure engineer-city development of infrastructure such as roads, bridges, airports, water, sewerage,drainage ,landscape reservoirs , treatment plants, utilites and so on.
by kpv June 17, 2009
Locally Interating adaptive agents with simple rules in complex system give rise to emergent behaviour of whole much more than the behavior of sum of parts of complex system .
simplicomplexity-crowd behavior flog of birds or traffic jam and emergence of life from interating cells.
by kpv June 15, 2009
simplicityincomplexity-locally interacting adaptive agents with simple rules result in emergence of collective or whole behaviour of complex system and in interaction with its environment.
simplicityincomplexity ;flog of birds ,traffic jam.crowd behaviour,ants colony
by kpv June 17, 2009
Locally interacting adaptive agents following simple rules in a complex system resulting in emergent behaviour fo the whole which is much more than the sum of its constituent parts.
complexsimple -Flog of birds, ants colony, self organised crowd behaviour,function of brain from interacting neurons.
by kpv June 15, 2009

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