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1.(n)someone that has no luck finding work or purpose in the civilian world so they relunctantly came back to the original enlistment they choose to leave in the first place.
2.(n)individual with the drive to make up for lost time/purpose with a follow-up enlistment(s) that means absolutely nothing. Essentially achieving the required 20 years of bullshit to recieve a pention in nonconsecutive terms.
1. GySgt Haney is a poster board retread.
2. Timothy knows being a retread puts him in the highest ranks of losers, but he makes the most of it anyhow.
by kool keith March 23, 2004
a condition restricted to the little fellows of the world that harness "big guy" attitudes. Developed through years of being small with countless accounts of being laughed at.
GySgt Haney thought that after doing a tour on the drill field, his bad case of small man's fever would go way.
by kool keith March 23, 2004
That overwhelming feeling you get when you see a Combat Action Ribbon sticker on the back glass of some hero’s vehicle.
In hopes of installing fear, some Marines feel it's necassary to submit a resume on their back glass.
by kool keith March 22, 2004
hero n,p L heros, fr. Gk heros (14c) 1. a legendary or illustrious pest often of divine decent endowed with a great strength of saying the right thing in front of the right people. 2. one that shows great courage for preserving what he believes in, no matter how silly it may be. 3. one that is inclined to boasting which creates a moment’s glory that is thoroughly enjoyed by that person and hopefully the ones listening.
<The hero couldn’t contain himself when the young devil dog walked into the store wearing a baseball hat.>
by kool keith March 22, 2004
(n) one who seeks heroes out and plots to exploit their shortcomings, knowing they're pathetic and undeserving of any recognition of any sort.
Jay feared any remarks from kool keith the anti hero.
by kool keith March 23, 2004

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